The Rural Outreach Mental Health Service provides support to those with Complex Mental Health needs in the Southern Shoalhaven regions. Support to the Southern region is provided by Credentialed Mental Health Nurses via telehealth. 

What is telehealth? 

A telehealth with ROMHS is a video consultation with a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse from the comfort of your own home, Doctors office or private safe place. 

How to access

Your GP or service provider can refer you to ROMHS by completing a Mental Health Treatment Plan and ROMHS referral letter (available for download on our website). 

Once referred to ROMHS you will still remain under the care of your GP & Service provider if applicable. 

Is there a cost? 

No, this is a FREE service funded by COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network.   

What services does ROMHS provide? 

  • Specialist Credentialed Mental Health Nurses
  • Regular advice and support
  • Education on mental well being
  • Collaborative approach
  • Links to local community support
  • Connections to local health resources
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Support and ongoing treatment
  • Face to face consultation
  • Telehealth consultation ( Southern )
  • Bulk Billed Psychiatry telehealth sessions with our network of Psychiatrists
  • Regular progress feedback to your GP or referring service provider

Eligibility criteria

** This is not a crisis intervention or after hours service **

For all acute/urgent presentations contact 000 or the NSW Mental 

Health Access Line 1800 011 511

⦁ The person must be 16 years or older (dependant on situation, each person will be seen on a case by case basis)

⦁ The person has been diagnosed with a serious and enduring mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, major depression, treatment resistant anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or complex trauma

⦁ The person’s social, personal, employment/education and associated quality of life is impacted upon by mental illness with the presence of psychosocial symptoms

The person has moderate to severe problems with one of the following, with the presence of psychiatric symptoms or comorbidities:

  • Hallucinations & delusions
  • Depressed mood, treatment resistant / unresponsive to treatment
  • Severe anxiety disorder
  • Behavioural issues
  • Drinking or drug taking
  • Suicidal ideation with no imminent risk (this is not a crisis/ acute service)

⦁              The referring General Practitioner or service provider will be the main person responsible for clinical mental health care

⦁              The person has given consent to receive treatment from a mental health nurse, allied mental health professional and/or peer worker

What happens after I am referred to ROMHS? 

Once your GP or service provider refers you to ROMHS and you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive a phone call within 48 working hours from a Nurse who will ask you some questions and schedule an appointment with a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse that suits you.

What to expect from a telehealth consult: 

The day before your telehealth consult you will receive a phone call confirmation and a SMS reminder. 

Depending on your chosen method of telehealth ie ( skype, zoom , whatsapp, facetime, health link etc) you will link up with your Mental Health Nurse at your chosen appointment time. 

During your telehealth consultation your mental health nurse will introduce themselves and take a comprehensive history and focus on the presenting issues of concern to yourself.  

They will discuss treatment and management options, make recommendations, liaise with your GP and other support services.   

If required your Mental Health Nurse will arrange bulk billed telehealth psychiatry appointments or links with other required mental health services ie psychology.   

Your mental health nurse will provide ongoing support as required.