Complex Mental Health Services

From April 1st 2020, COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW PHN have funded the Rural Outreach Mental Health Service (ROMHS) to provide a Mental Health Service for people with severe and complex mental health needs living in the Shoalhaven and will be providing telehealth services to the Southern Shoalhaven region to increase access to therapies. 

ROMHS is pleased to be able to offer clinical continuity with existing staff from the Complex Mental Health Service. 

Core services ROMHS offers include:

  • Free Mental Health Service
  • Specialist Credentialed mental health nurses
  • Regular advice and support
  • Education on mental well being
  • Collaborative approach
  • Links to local community support
  • Regular progress feedback 

Services are provided based on identified needs and will be flexible to ensure the ability to offer a variety of personal choice and control.   

Patients referred stay under the care of their regular GP. The Mental Health team work using a collaborative approach providing consults, advice, ongoing management as well as regular progress feedback.  

Benefits to you

A credentialled Mental Health Nurse can facilitate:

  • Assessment & Ongoing Treatment
  • Connections to Community Service Providers
  • Connections to Local Health Resources
  • Improved Physical & Mental Health